Fr Stein’s Dream - The Ursulines

Fr Urban Stein, from his childhood days, was familiar with the life and activity of the Ursuline Sisters founded by Angela Merici of Brescia. Here in Mangalore too, he dreamt of organizing a similar group of dedicated women especially to help him in pastoral works. To this Company of St Ursula, here in Mangalore, he gave the rule of St Angela and put them in contact with the Ursulines in Italy. The Ursuline Sisters from Italy sent two beautiful statues - that of St Angela Merici and St Ursula - to the Mangalore Ursulines and these are still preserved at St Angela’s and at St Ursula’s in Mangalore. Later due to the First World War, the Company of St Ursula lost contact with the Ursuline Sisters in Italy and the contact with them is re-established in the recent years.