The First Convent

The initial glow of the Company seems to have been extinguished at the untimely death of their founder, Fr Urban Stein, who died on his return from Goa at the still youthful age of 43. His sudden departure came on October 21, 1888, practically within a year of the founding of the Company. Yet these young women under the leadership of Mother Nympha Fernandes kept up the original spirit. The First Convent The successive Jesuit pastors of the Cathedral parish gave them spiritual assistance. In the year 1902 itself Mother Nympha Fernandes, the leader of the Company, and a few of the members began to live in a spacious house near the Cathedral in order to organize and co-ordinate their apostolic activities. This newly-built house was named St Ursula’s Convent, which in a way is the cradle of The Mangalore Ursulines.