Franciscan Affiliation

At this time of anxiety and darkness providentially the Sisters met the Capuchin novice master, Fr Pacificus, who became for them a Father and Guide. Through his initiatives and together with the efforts of Mother Mary Agnes Mathias and Mother Genevieve, the Ursuline Franciscan Congregation was affiliated to the Franciscan order of the Capuchins in 1956. Fr Pacificus himself gave conferences to all the Sisters both in evangelical counsels and in Franciscan spirituality, and in that same year, all the Sisters professed the three religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Thus there was a great joy within the whole Congregation. Fr Pacificus was an able spiritual guide all through and there after Fr Ligoury Noronha and Fr Remigius Sequeira have assisted the Sisters as spiritual directors.

Ever after the Franciscan affiliation there was a steady inflow of candidates to the Congregation, and moreover the Sisters dared to spread outside the frontiers of Mangalore Diocese. Thus in 1956 itself they came to Hunsur in the Diocese of Mysore and from there they moved to the remote villages around.