Charism & Mission

Ursuline Franciscan Charism & Mission

Ursuline Franciscan Sisters (U.F.S.) Charism in the late 18 century when it all began on an Easter Sunday, 1887, and in the early 21st Century, today, is like the two roads diverged in a wood and Ursuline Franciscan’s have trod the less trodden path.

"Ours is an evolving Charism"

Urban Stein founded the Congregation at Rosario Cathedral, Mangalore, India to address to the contemporary needs of the local church.

Fr Steins objective was clear and immediate. He had a flock in his vast parish, which needed to be instructed to in matters of religion an area sadly neglected so far due to political instability and Religious upheaval in the Church of Mangalore - India. It was quality of Christian faith that needed to be nurtured through dedicated women. These were called Ursulines. From then on the charism had evolved considerably that has made a difference in the life of the Congregation.

"Ours was a unique Charism"

Unlike the Sisters of St. Joseph of apparition and later Carmelites who lived in the cloister of the Convents, Ursulines "lived in their own homes’ until they metamorphose themselves into a regular religious Congregation.

It was not founded primarily for the sanctification of its members. This objective had to be achieved within the context of meeting the specific needs of the contemporary church. They were to be eyes to see, hearts to feel and hands to attend to the sick, infirm, aged and neglected. Succour and solace they brought to the people who were ravaged by the consequences of war between Tippu Sultan and the Britishers Rule.

Living in the world, each as a member of her own family with a vow of virginity they had to mark themselves off from the rest by their distinctive way of life of prayer.

Uniqueness in the spirituality was lived in so far as their spirit flowed from St Angela who herself was inspired by the apostolic spirit of the Franciscan Friars who were going all over the world to proclaim the Gospel and the example of St Ursula, a virgin of early church, who while remaining in the world had consecrated her life to God and to the preaching of faith. With this rich heritage of the patrons Angela, Francis and Ursula, Ursuline Franciscans have had a charism distinct from all other Religious Congregations.

Ursuline Franciscans Mission

Any charism cannot be fixed to a particular ministry or time. It always finds scope for expansion and change if interpreted according to the need and signs of the time.

The Congregation is revisioning its charism and mission inorder to envisage a right response to the multifaceted reality of today’s India. It is critically analyzing the Institutional oriented approach and moving towards an Incarnational approach inorder to evolve a thought pattern and action that is relevant to the times.

A period of prayer and interiorization together with an indepth study and interpretation of the spirit of our Founders, Patrons and pioneers is considered vital to our mission. Inorder to have an Indian face, rooted in the indigenous spiritual heritage. Indian culture, linguistic and social reality is contemplated in Provinces that situate in different areas of India and abroad. Formation is challenge based in initial stages exposing the formees to contextual life situations.

Sisters involved in different apostolates are introduced to a critical analysis of apostolic activities of the community, Province, Congregation through a Logical Framework analysis, wherein goals are set, objectives drawn, inputs identified to arrive at the desired outputs. As a result Commissions on every level function actively gaining contemplative presence with prophetic courage in the whole Congregation. A few insertion ministries are undertaken with a view to re-interpret institutional apostolates.

We have "yet miles to go and dreams to fulfill" in venturing where we would not have the courage to go and "say what others may not say".

It is a paradigm shift from the secure, powerful, settled, immobile institution to the fluid, insecure, unsettled, weak, marginalized and flexible, movement. Inorder to effect this Charismatic renewal Ursulines are to be born again. The person who walks with God attunes more to the Spirit than the task and the task is taken care of by the Spirit.

Welcome to join hands as members and associates of Ursuline Franciscan Charism and Mission.