Sr Milly Fernandes the Assistant Superior General. It was a journey with the theme of the Chapter “UFS: Commissioned to launch into the deep”. The Lord graced us with numerous blessings and the Holy Spirit led us to take some important steps towards the growth of our mission and life in the Church in particular and world at large.

Empowered by the Spirit of Christ, the delegates pleadged  to launch into deep with God, self, others and cosmos to re-instill the sense of the divine, restore human dignity, promote justice and peace and preserve ecological balance through their life and mission.

One of the functions of the Regional Chapter is announcement of the newly appointed Regional Team who will shoulder the administration and animation of the Region for the next three years. The newly appointment European team members are:

Sr Leena Irene Rodrigues                Regional Superior

Sr Celine Furtado                             Regional Councillor

Sr Josline Irene D’Souza                 Regional Councillor

Sr Mary Sarojini                               Coordinator of Italian Zone


The New officials have assumed their responsibility from 29 September, 2019. We are grateful for the great and committed services of our dear Sr Roshni Monis, Sr Leena Irene Rodrigues, Sr Juliet Molly Serrao, and Sr Leena Kishori the outgoing team and pray showers of blessings on the New Team.