Having reflected and discussed on the above theme the group arrived at certain concrete conclusions to make the UFLA units vibrant and to respond to the signs of the time fulfilling the objects of UFLA according to the spirit of the Congregation, the Patron Saints, Founder and Pioneers.

 The Meeting was organised by Sr Lydia Serrao the General Co-ordinator for UFLA. At the outset during the inaugural programme Rev Sr Susheela Sequeira gave inaugural message in which she appreciated the thanked to Sr Lydia Serrao, UFLA Coordinator at the Generalate and all Provincials, Regional and Delegate Superiors for their kind support and guidance to the Superiors and Animators who work at the grass root level. Stressing on the need of empowerment of youth she gave 8 points by which we can animate and guide the youth of today.

1.      Listen to the youth. Young people want to be heard. Listening requires humility, patience, readiness to understand and commitment to formulate the answers in a new way.

2.      Accompanying the youth and make them feel you care and think of them.

3.      Be animators in youth associations and youth camps.

4.      Give enough time for their cause and present in their social activities and celebrations.

5.      Organize programs to keep them united and use their inner resources to reach out to needy groups.

6.      Keep them involved in liturgy and Church activities and allow then to grow in grace.

7.      Stay in touch with then and avail guidance and counseling when they come across say today problems. Be a moral support in times of crisis.

8.      Empower them by providing platforms to build self-confidence, motivate them to join Youth Christ of Jesus Youth groups.


She also said that as the number of vocations for religious life on the decline, the mission of the Lord through the Ursuline Franciscan charism will be carried on with the lay associates as we work as partners in all our missionary endeavours.


The Revised UFLA Hand Book was introduced to all present, the changes were made known to the Sisters. Sr Juliana Pinto the Councillor General welcomed the gathering, Sr Milly Fernandes introduced Rev. Fr Pious and welcomed him, Sr Jessy Sequeira the Provincial Coordinator for UFLA of Hubli Province proposed vote of thanks.