Temporary Profession 2021


Two of the second year Novices Prashanthi Pinto and Vijetha D’Souza committed themselves in Temporary Profession held at Somarpann Novitiate on 10th April 2021. Rev. Fr Ronald Serrao officiated at the Eucharist along with other seven concelebrants and broke the Word of God with a meaningful homily. He mainly emphasized on Religious call and our fiat to God’s invitation. He said that through long preparation and training these two sisters have seen the Lord as Mary Magdalene in today’s Gospel and they have taken a great step to witness Risen Christ. It is difficult to proclaim Christ in this present situation but we can do it through our prayers, good words and exemplary life. Faith, hope, love and courage are their instruments to face all the challenges life in order to proclaim Christ.

Rev Sr Rita Vas, the Provincial Superior of Mangalore Province accepted their vows. The Sisters and their family members took part in the solemn Eucharistic celebration and witnessed the beautiful ceremony of the Temporary Profession. Sr Rita Vas gave them a message saying ‘you are two diamonds to our Congregation, two eyes to see good, two ears to listen good, two  hands to do good and two legs to continue the mission’. May your witnessing life bring glory to God.

We wish and Congratulate dear Srs Prashanthi Pinto and Vijetha D’Souza and pray God’s abundant blessings on them as they begin their mission.