Welcome to the Ursuline Franciscan Congregation

Welcome to the Ursuline Franciscan Congregation Web site.

I am Sr Susheela. As an Ursuline Franciscan I am moved to sing God’s wonders in the life of this Congregation. We grew through hard ways. In every event the Lord’s hand was always there. We join our friends today and sing songs of praise of the Lord forever.

Our motto ! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Called and consecrated we are to manifest His love to men, women and children of our times.

St Angela Founder of Ursulines and St Francis of Assisi are our Patrons. Angela’s loveableness and Franciscan simplicity is our Identity. Following their spirit, we strive to meet the apostolic needs of our times through the Pastoral, Educational, Medical and Social apostolates.

As Ursuline Franciscan Sisters we live amidst every culture in remote villages or in towns accompanying the poor in homes or slums, in schools or centres, pointing out through our life and encounters what we ourselves have experienced the Power of Lord Jesus so that everyone will come to know God’s unbelievable love for humankind.

In the XIII General Chapter held from 30th April - 17th May 2016, we reflected, prayed and deliberated on some of the most crucial and relevant issues of our times focusing on the theme : ’URSULINE FRANCISCAN SISTERS, TAKING A STAND AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE, WITH THE MIND AND HEART OF CHRIST’ which we studied, analysed and synthesized in our communities and Provinces that resulted in a list of concrete proposals and now evolved as policies of the General Chapter. If we carefully examine these Acts you will readily recognize all the major concerns of Pope Francis, particularly his three main apostolic thrusts, namely, the family, the enviornment and the need of the world for the Gospel of Mercy. The retreat preached by Fr Jossy Lobo sj and the prayerful deliberations during the Chapter lead the Delegates of the Chapter to a deeper understanding and appreciation of and a stronger commitment to these three major issues which the Pope has placed before the Church and the world for special attention and concrete action. Therefore, if, as a result of our General Chapter, our Congregation goes all out in a vibrant family apostolate, involve itself actively in the struggle to protect the enviornment and become missionaries of mercy to the world of today, then we will have indeed laid a strong foundation for the future of our Congregation.

It was God who called the Ursuline Franciscan Sisters to follow the footsteps of great spiritual stalwarts St Angela Merici, St Francis of Assisi, St Ursula, our Founder Fr Urban Stein sj, the first Superior Mother Nympha Fernandez and the Pioneers, and live the Charism of our Congregation in new ways. It is for us the UFS of today to recapture their vision and their values so as to find new and more relevant ways of living them in today’s context. It is the General Chapter that has given the lead in not only cherishing our rich spiritual heritage but also in preserving, promoting and carrying it forward.

May the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ continue to journey with us when we resolutely forge ahead along the path of the Gospel marked out for us by our Patrons, Founder and Pioneers. May the intercession of Mary the Mother of God assist us in our journey towards fullness of life (cf.  John 10:10). May we commit ourselves afresh and passionately carry forward our Charism, Spirituality and Mission.

I  greet you our viewers with the blessing of St Francis to Brother Leo:

The Lord bless you and keep you,

Let His face shine upon you

And be gracious to you!

May He look upon you kindly and give you PEACE.